Managed IT & Security

Best in Class Managed IT Services

Selecting true value in an IT / Cyber service provider can be a daunting task for most business owners and executives who require mission critical IT service & support. 

What to ask when selecting an IT Service provider

Does the service provider follow IT governance and compliance best practices?


Do they follow proven change management principles?


Is access to an experienced Senior IT Consultant, CIO/CISO available?


Do they use SOC2 compliant credential management and MFA best practices for safeguarding credentials and company assets?


How experienced is the provider in cloud architecture & designing business continuity?


Is third-party auditing provided to ensure cybersecurity and compliance requirements are being met?

These are just some of the questions we recommend to ask service providers to help you cut through the fog of digital ads & sales gimmicks that influence the service provider selection narrative.

We employ an approach that differs from most service providers in that we place a heavy emphasis on true value, ROI and integration of deep industry expertise across cloud architecture, compute, network & cybersecurity. Our focus is on delivering value, managing privacy, long term partnerships and treating clients IT with care and attention as if their IT operation was our own business. We do not advertise online or in print and work exclusively on a referral basis, and as such are able to pass on great value to clients. Our White Glove Managed IT service offering is designed to deliver peace of mind to small and mid sized business owners & executives seeking to have a go-to partner to service, support and proactively secure their business IT infrastructure and cybersecurity. Our enterprise IT heritage enables us to offer best in class comprehensive IT MSP services, support & security to this market at reasonable prices. We specialize in cloud architecture, business continuity, resilience and cybersecurity and tailor IT services to your needs, business model, workflow and goals so as to maximize value to your operation.

Whiteglove IT Service Management

We proactively care for your entire IT operation from designing your cloud & server architecture, ordering devices, pre installing apps on PC’s to service & support. This allows you to focus on your business and higher value projects.

Comprehensive IT Management

Comprehensive IT management requires a lot of time, effort, and persistence, from selecting and administering the right vendors to proactively maintaining devices to continuously training technical talent. Our service & support model delivers great value to your operation through a team of certified technical experts supporting your operation 24×7.


After your business is onboarded, end users will receive a toll free number and an email alias for generating service & trouble tickets, we will also enable our internal tools to monitor the telemetry of your business for a worry free experience.

Whiteglove Approach

We are meticulous, thorough and perfectionist in nature, careful, conscientious, detailed, and microscopic. A white glove service provider works to assure that the customer is burden free when it comes to IT.


After your company is fully on board, our team of certified technicians and engineers manages your entire IT operation so that you can focus on your business and not spend valuable time hiring, training, and managing IT talent to keep your operation up, running and performing optimally. Call our service desk or submit a ticket when in need and we will take it from there.

Evolving IT Service & Support

The business of IT has been rapidly evolving over the last 20+ years and will continue to change in the foreseeable future. Our toll free service desk, SLA based ticketing and proactive device management workflow is designed to ensure the highest degree of user & system wide service device management.



Cybersecurity has been a growing concern for all who use digital systems to transact business. Threats come in many forms and from all geographies; we help protect, secure and safeguard your entire operation against nefarious threats near and far. Cyber threats disrupt and even cripple businesses every day, but that doesn’t have to include yours.


Our expertise in network security and cyber defense is designed to offer your business resiliency and uptime. Below are some of the most common cyber threats to a SMB.

A phishing attack is when someone sends a message (typically via email) with the intent of either getting your credentials (username/password) or installing malicious software on your device. @Sparkovation, we monitor your email and use the latest in AI technology to detect phishing attacks before they reach your end user.

Compromised Credentials

Credentials are compromised when a user’s username and password are collected by an unauthorized outside party. Often sold on the dark web for pennies, these credentials are then used to enter your business and start a ransom attack. Our cybersecurity tools allow us to monitor the darkweb for your credentials, and head off a breach before it happens.

This is when someone sets up a fake email address and sends out emails pretending to be you. Oftentimes, these emails are sent to members of your team with the hope of getting them to wire money or buy gift cards.
With our email protection suite, messages are scanned and authenticity verified before delivery to your users.
Dark Web

This is the level where data is ANONYMOUS. Within the Deep Web is the part of the internet called the Dark Web. A complex encrypted system not visible to traditional search engines that can only be accessed by a special browser called Tor.


Transactions, IPs, profiles, locations, etc. are totally anonymous, making it the perfect place for many illegal activities to happen. It’s not illegal by itself but that’s where criminal sites live, we proactively guard you and your team against identity and credential theft 24×7.

IT Consulting: Hybrid Cloud Solution & Architecture

We offer IT consulting and hybrid cloud design services to assure your business is taking advantage of the most optimal performance solution architecture the industry has to offer.


Our solutioning capability spans across enterprise architecture domains: business, data, application and technology and uses this reference framework to design performance driven solutions. Once a performance based solution is fully implemented, only tuning would likely be required until the next major design cycle.

Solution Design

We design your company’s solution based on use cases, industry models, existing performance data and business goals which then informs us of how to design for optimal performance.


Given our vendor agnostic approach and persistent budgetary constraints in the small & mid sized market, we can objectively recommend the best possible solution from the lens of the owner. You need a solution that scales with you as you respond to a rapidly evolving environment.

Strategy & Planning

With industry insights and strategic vision, we team with you to formulate a roadmap that solves tomorrow’s problems today while always keeping your business objectives and ROI in focus.