Accelerate Innovation

We help you define, refine and design what you do best so you can innovate faster.


Business Model Evaluation

We evaluate your business model against a 5 point industry innovation rubric and key intangibles of innovation then help identify opportunities that support your plans for growth, sustainability & enduring differentiation.

Strategic Investments & Disruption

We help your organization forensically evaluate disruptive technologies and business models then help address strategic portfolio investment gaps.

Digital Transformation

We help your organization prepare for business changes, opportunities and continuous optimization. We ensure you’re able to leverage a hyperconnected digital ecosystem across all your processes, divisions and business networks—an ecosystem that leverages IoT, Big Data and advanced analytics.  We focus on enabling an innovation culture, then measuring its progress and outcomes. The result is an organization designed to try new things, to learn from and adapt to lessons, to instill a desire for participation, productivity and quality, and to quantify innovation with real business metrics

Strategy & Design Thinking

We employ holistic strategy development and design thinking techniques to create value for your organization. Our focus is to help you arrive at a state of effectiveness, resilience and long range success.

Product Development & Value Co-creation

Unleash advanced methodologies (Agile, Scrum & DevOps) to engineer high-quality products and bring them to market first. Gain expert guidance on mobile social participation, administrative functions, integrated processes and tools, events and campaigns, engagement mechanics, and idea management.

Modernize IT

We help you modernize the IT you have today for the digital era you’ll face tomorrow.

Tech Strategy, Roadmap

Digital business is more than online marketing and E-business. It is a combination of strategic planning, advanced analytics, algorithms, technology convergence, dynamic infrastructure and organizational culture. We assess where your systems and operations are and collaboratively define milestones that you must achieve to meet your digital business goals.

System Selection & Optimization

We provide expert guidance and prescriptive plans for vendor-agonistic product and service selections that help you achieve all the efficiency, innovation and agility that digital transformation can offer. Sparkovation Advisors is your one-stop shop for independent validation and verification (IV&V) of RFPs and Agile sourcing of services, products and systems.

Enterprise Architecture

A technically effective organization really is within reach; it just takes the right experts to design, implement and govern a well-planned enterprise architecture. We provide prescriptive guidance and develop plans (supported by pilots using Agile methodology) to orchestrate and integrate data sources for maximum business value in a secure, auditable flow.

Hybrid Cloud

You don’t have to compromise security to harness the awesome power of on. A combination of on premise, private and public clouds can deliver the right levels of scalability, availability, cost-efficiency and privacy. But since cloud services aren’t always the right choice for every application, we’ll use practical, experiential criteria and architecture design to determine the optimal mix of cloud and on-premise solutions.

Application Portfolio Rationalization

Determine whether you’re taking advantage of the best options for your application portfolio, and if you could save money by reducing or combining licenses and usage. We’ll create an application roadmap that maximizes mobility, balances operational and technical risk, and aligns applications to your business model.

Our goal is to design a future where everything works, and where you pay only for what you truly use.

Core-to-Edge Enterprise Security

Information management and security are at the core of our entire IT modernization strategy. We focus on shifting your organization’s posture from applications to information with dynamic, reusable infrastructure that includes 21st-century security technologies and best practices. Cyber security including end point protection, information and organizational (both human and machine) security will be threaded throughout our IT modernization strategies and plans.

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Organizational Agility

We help you prepare for rapid market changes, at scale.


Organizational Gap Analysis

We look closely at your current organizational and cultural work environment – including attitudes about digital transformation – and identify a migration plan for achieving an agile and collaborative culture focused on innovation and aligned with strategic objectives.

Decision Making

Making smart decisions in a digital business environment demands a blended, role-based and agile organization that engages architects with key stakeholders. We will operationalize your transition with prescriptive processes, governance and workflows so you can anticipate and proactively respond to changes that can impact your business.

Operational Excellence & Process Transformation

Digital business requires agility and responsiveness to business needs at its very core. To excel in the digital economy, IT organizations need to deliver new value more quickly with less risk. Our strategic planning experts will work with you to create a DevOps environment built around measurable delivery of business value and powered by lean operational efficiency. In the process, you’ll automate time-consuming tasks to free up resources for more strategic work.

Human Capital Management

Digital business requires transforming the way organizations source, hire, onboard, deploy, manage, develop and pay their workforce. We will guide and assist in all aspects of HCM from recruiting through to benefits administration and performance and success planning. Every effort will focus on measurable workforce productivity, responsiveness and effectiveness, reduced attrition, and even improved employee engagement and worker health.

Business Partnerships Ecosystems

Digital business transforms business ecosystems, making them larger, more complex and essential to strategy. Working with internal peers and ecosystem partners, we’ll design your future ecosystem and integrate that design into your overall strategy. We’ll engage proactively with business counterparts to provide detailed prescriptive guidance to EA teams, and to ensure digital business applications include these future ecosystems into their design.

Risk Minimization

Digital business is bringing new and more interconnected risks to organizations. Our Integrated Risk Management strategy includes a framework for effective governance and risk ownership, easily visible metrics and active real-time monitoring. We will build a full enterprise/ecosystem risk program across strategic, reputation, financial and operational risk.